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FREE SHIPPING! 1,5L x 30 PROLOM WATER NATURAL ALKALINE! 天然鹼性水1.5公升 x 30 優質的歐洲礦泉水送到家裡

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5 cases x 1,5L x 6 pcs - suitable as 1 month quantity for 1 person!

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Unique water delivered directly from the spring

    Rare natural  artesian alkaline water with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals. Completely organic, ecologically clean and natural product.

    Unique natural pH value 8.8–9.2.

    Bottled into eco-friendly PET bottles directly at the spring with the use of the most advanced equipment in sterile conditions, without chemical or physical treatment.

    Delivered to Hong Kong directly from the production site in containers with special temperature regime. It allows to preserve all its health qualities.

    Its first contact with the outside world occurs when you open the bottle!


    pH 8.8+ 天然鹼性水1.5公升 x 30 優質的歐洲礦泉水送到家裡


    高鹼性對於城市生活的人非常重要, 在日常生活中酸性會嚴重破壞健康。

    天然鹼性PH8.8 - 9.2有助中和體內的酸性及幫助細胞復原.


    Prolom Water 分別在?

    - 天然鹼性 pH 8.8 – 9.2有助中和體內的酸性
    - 來自歐洲心臟的天然優質水
    - 星級天然水品牌大奨 ~電訊盈科
    - 有助青春·活力
    - 幫助身體快速補充水分
    - 有助身體和皮膚有益,抗衰老作用
    - 運動員,活躍好動人仕和有機食品愛好者的最佳選擇
    - 嬰兒及孕婦非常適合



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